Community mosaic

45 projects from 24 Jewish community NGOs and new initiatives from Budapest, Hungary. We created this site to showcase some of the most impactful and innovative projects that emerged from the Jewish community in the last couple of years. As JDC’s Mozaik Jewish Community Hub our primary focus was on those organizations that we worked the closest with as members of the Mozaik Hub and on the ones that received financial support through JDC’s grant system in the last 6 years. Undoubtedly, there has been a lot more happening in the Jewish community of Hungary worth noticing and amplifying – this selection is not comprehensive. The order of the projects is chronological, starting with the most recent. 

The summoned projects represent a great variety of fields and themes of Jewish community life. From youth to tradition, from culture and arts through social issues and even more. More, as a good number of professionals, activists and even a few organizations (although very much connected to the community) strive for the betterment of their wider context and the wider society, beyond the Jewish community. When we talk about Tikkun Olam, the repairing of the world we can have these organizations and initiatives in mind too. As much as committed members of the community, that want to answer needs of the Hungarian society, let it be education, poverty and other social issues or people with disabilities. Projects related to these themes also appear in our selection. We found it important to highlight them and present them as models to follow not only within the Jewish community but for the majority of the Hungarian society as well.        

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